About Us


Darpaha is a dream project establish by the team which has 30 years of experience in this industry and aims to provide a unique experience to its customers with a mission.

Darpaha includes Darpaha Fashions, Darpaha Fabrics and Darpaha In-House Facility.


Darpaha Fashions

The Darpaha Fashions also known as Darpaha, offers Vibrant & Graceful Fashionable casual and party wear. We are committed to provide our customers with the traditional & modern, Indian & western women's wear, men’s wear, handicraft items and home decor goods and much more.

You never have to wait for any deals on our website as we strongly believe in providing the best sales prices to our clients years long around. Enjoy the best wholesale discounted prices available for the best of the material, ANYTIME.

Darpaha Fabrics

Darpaha Fabrics offers Superior Quality Fabrics, Laces, Borders, threads, elastics and many more DIY Materials for your dream outfit or Decor Items. These items are hand selected by professionals. Many of our Fabrics, laces and Borders are hand embroidered at our in- house facility with utmost care.

Darpaha In-House Facility and Team

Our products are manufactured by us under strict quality supervision in our in-house facility in India and shipped directly to you. We are competitive and offer the best quality fabric, workmanship and creative designs to provide the best value to your money.

Our management team has more than 25 years business experience extending their creativity and elegance while keeping the best interest of our customers in mind. We also boast about our team of designers, stylists and tailors who are highly experienced in their fields and passionate about their work.

We make these handmade artistic embroidery work with utmost care. Every knot, every stitch, every pattern embroidered on fabric is done by keeping the best interest of our customers in mind. We want clothes to be trendy but at the same time comfortable to wear. Through Darpaha we are not only creating these new designs but also trying to revive the old embroidery art and skills by blending them with new fashion. And introducing our customers to beautiful and artistic traditional hand work, be it tie and dye, Phulkari, Block print or Gotta Patti.

Our in-house facility and team give us support to provide you the facility to get your outfit, Clothing accessories, Home Decor items, etc get Customized.

Our customers are welcome to customize the outfits and Decor items as per their taste of color, combination and sizes by contacting us via phone or email or Chat with us.

Darpaha Mission

Our mission is to enlighten the lives of underprivileged families by giving them employment and guidance to improve their lives. A handmade fashion clothing and home decor store is a perfect business for this purpose because many women from underprivileged families especially in Asia do possess some kind of skills in sewing and they do not face much resistance from their families if they do needle work to earn. Most of our workers are women from such families, who are skilled in embroidery, needle work, sewing work. We even hire semi- skilled and unskilled workers and give them on-the-job training. This not only helps in reducing their financial burden but also helps them to live a respectable life. Our future plan is to provide Day care center for the children of our workers, where we will provide nutritional food and also pre-school education which will not only encourage them to get a formal education but will also be a foundation for their future studies. Darpaha is a key to fulfill our dreams which is to give opportunity to as many people as possible to fulfill theirs.

We feel delighted when we receive beautiful feedback from our Happy Customers and feel encouraged also to work with more efficiency and help more people.